About Us


Maxim Impex Inc. was created with the initial goal of bringing the taste of irreplaceable traditional Romanian food from Romanians to Romanians located in Montreal and its surroundings. Now, due to the unforeseen success of our imported products in other communities, the company has broadened its target market to all customers of European, Mediterranean and Asian background. This is mainly due to the fact that the market and demand for imported products are fast growing. Our approximately 200 products are present in more than 80 stores across Quebec and Ontario; from small European stores to large supermarket chains. Our presence in those is well established, as is our relationship and collaboration with them.

Maxim Impex started by importing canned vegetarian food, followed by canned food containing meat and is now present on the market with a wide variety of offerings such as mineral soft drinks, water, preserved vegetables and fruits, honey, deserts, etc. We continue to import new products on a regular basis due to the increasing demand for such foods. Also, as a result of the quality relationships we have developed with our 10 Romanian suppliers over our three years of existence, we are able to constantly extend our product line in a fast, easy and effective manner.